The Workout That Changed My Life

Last year I began my first year of college, my first year away from home. I no longer had a regular schedule, a job, or parents making my meals for me. I didn’t get on a bus or in my car and go to school. I didn’t go to work at four or five anymore. Most importantly, I didn’t have my mom asking me to go for a run or walk with her on the nights I didn’t have work.

I was enough of an adult to form my own routine that involved going to class, making friends, studying, eating, staying in shape, doing co-curriculars, and sleeping. Forming a routine is extremely hard, especially when you don’t know what time of day you function best. I knew I had time before class in the mornings and time after class in the afternoons.

I tried night time runs in the riverwalk which were amazing, but I wasn’t fully into it. I looked at the gym, but it was so crowded in the evenings! I decided to try getting up before classes and go to the gym. It was worth a try!

I walked in, swiped my card, and figured out what to do for the next hour. Running on a treadmill was worse than running on the riverwalk, so I steered clear of that. I went into the fitness room with some weights and did reps of moves I found on Pinterest. I wasn’t happy, though. I was never sore, I wasn’t feeling better after workouts, and I never saw changes.

I was fighting myself to get out of bed in the morning. I had silent arguments with myself over working out. I continued trying different things, and I just wasn’t happy. I was frustrated and ready to give up, so I said screw it and decided to try POP! Pilates.

I sucked it up and decided to follow a free calendar that Cassey Ho, aka Blogilates, releases every month. I knew some of her workouts and I was already subscribed to her Youtube channel. I went all out. I took before pictures, got her app and paid $0.99 to have access to the videos and calendar in one place.

Monday through Friday I would arrive at McNiff as soon as it opened, I would go into the fitness room, and I’d begin my workout. I turned on the videos and did exactly as Blogilates did. Okay, I did a lot of modifications and took a few rests, but I didn’t stop.

I was finally excited to go to the gym every morning, I was feeling a change in my body, and I was even eating healthier! It was great, and it was contagious. I wanted to spread the word to everyone, and I wanted everyone to experience what POP can do.


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