It’s Okay To Miss A Workout

One major thing people tend to freak out about is missing their workout. We get in this mindset that all of our progress will be lost if we miss one workout. We stress about making sure our workout will get done that day. And when we do miss our workout, we tend to think we have to start all over, and it keeps getting pushed back because that habit isn’t formed yet. Yes, this is all before the habit of working out is formed because once that habit is formed, missing a workout isn’t a big deal because your mindset has changed.

It is okay to miss a workout. Your progress won’t change in just a day. Your body will forgive you just as it does on your rest day. Sometimes you need that extra rest day or have that busy day where the workout never gets done. That is okay. What’s not okay is the mindset.

Instead of stressing about the fact that you missed your workout, just say “it’s okay, I’ll do it tomorrow. My body needed this day of rest.” You’ll learn to accept the fact that there isn’t always time to workout, that you can’t always make the time to get it done. It’s okay. Move on and push harder the next day.

What you shouldn’t do is give up. Giving up is the worst thing you can do. Just because you missed your workout doesn’t mean you should skip a few more and start over on Monday. No, you should get right back to it the following day and make up your missed workout on a rest day where you’re feeling 11/10. This is how you help that workout habit form.

When you form that habit of working out, you won’t feel guilty about missing a workout. You’ll understand your body enough to know that it just needed an extra rest day. On the other side, you’ll also know how to make time to get that workout in because it will be a priority, so you won’t miss as many. This takes time, though. A habit doesn’t form overnight, and a habit for working out certainly doesn’t form in a few weeks.

So don’t fret about that missed workout. Don’t quit and start over because of one bad day or bad workout. It happens; we fall. What matters is if we get back up, if we workout the next day. You can do this. Eventually you won’t want to miss a workout, but you won’t care if you do because it’ll all be okay.


Love you all!


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